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大多数人的演讲都是关于帮助别人的, 服务你的社区,善待你的同龄人. 诚实, 虽然这很重要, being there for yourself is the single most important thing you can do to live a happy, 成功的人生.
直到两年前,我都不知道自己在做什么. 诚实. 我所有的课都是垫底的, I was going through my first breakup (which I know sounds dumb but at the time it felt like the end of the world), 我没有野心和目标,也没有信心. 这并不是什么新鲜事,我不开心已经有一段时间了. But I was also really angry and didn’t care about anyone else other than myself.

Ironically, I realized my behaviour was a consequence of insecurities and self-loathing. 一度, 我记得我坐在床上, 睫毛膏那周第五次从我脸上流下来了, 为某个男孩或某个糟糕的成绩哭泣. 我不知道怎么回事,发生了什么, 但我清楚地记得,我脑海中有一个小小的声音说, “够了. Other people do not dictate your emotions, and your grades do not dictate who you are. 你不仅仅是你的失败和拒绝. 站起来,证明所有人都错了.”

The more time I spent with myself, the more I realized that I was becoming my own best friend. 当我变成这样的时候, I began genuinely wanting to create the absolute best reality for myself, 然后开始做满足这个愿望的事情. 我开始几乎每天锻炼、阅读、工作和做志愿者. I actually began to forget about proving others wrong and simply focused on proving myself right.

Taking the time to do what I loved is what made me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. 我喜欢旅行和写作, and my close friends and teachers will know that I can ask up to about a million questions a day. 我以前很喜欢这些东西, 但现在我关心我的未来, 花时间独自思考是什么驱使着我. 我能够把这些爱好变成目标.

从那时起, 我做的每一个决定, 无论是校内还是校外, 一直在追求这个目标吗. 我不知疲倦地工作,牺牲了比我意识到的更多, 让我所有课程的平均成绩提高了30%, 全身心投入到manbetx万博全站app的各个方面, 最重要的是, 我继续练习自爱. 这很重要, 因为当你完全爱自己的时候, every single thing you do will be in service of your highest good and potential. 你会想要为自己创造最好的现实, 你会一直做一些事情来确保这一点.

大多数时候,缺乏动力或动力是由自我怀疑引起的. So believe me when I tell you that self-love was what boosted my average, 自爱是我每天锻炼的动力, self love is what allowed me to put myself out there without the fear of rejection or failure weighing on my back.

It’s like what we learned in Econ class: “If you want your business to grow, 你需要对它进行投资.“你需要为自己挺身而出,努力工作. 会有汗水,也会有泪水, and sometimes there will be days when you feel like there is no growth at all. 但是有一天, 你会回顾过去的自己, 是谁在你现在如此在意的事情上没有付出多少努力, 你会看到你已经走了多远.

我今天在这里告诉你们,找到自我是有希望的. I am also here to show you that the only person who can pick yourself up is YOU. You are responsible for your growth, just as you are responsible for your failures. 你掌握着自己的生活, and there are things you can do to make this world a better place for yourself, 所以别再否认了.

在我结束之前, 我要给你一些建议:选择你的目标, 对你来说很重要的事情, 你在乎的东西, more than anyone can realize; something that drives you, 激励你, 能点燃你内心最微弱的火花的东西. 也许是在塑形, 获得更好的成绩, 被大学录取, 提高你的运动水平, 无论. But from here on out, make absolutely every single decision you make in pursuit of that goal. Fix your attitude and mindset to match how someone who has already acquired that goal would act. 明智地利用你的时间,把它奉献给你的进步. 因为那是你练习自爱的方式, 通过相信并坚持不懈地发挥你最大的潜力.

So choose to love and invest in yourself, because without risks, there are no rewards.