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      第一个步骤——旗帜- 2021



ManBet手机客户端的经历给毕业生灌输了技能, knowledge and values necessary to achieve their goals and to contribute to their communities as responsible, 全球公民.
Our 招生 team will be happy to guide you through the application process, answer your questions and help make the transition to 边境上大学 a smooth one. The following will help you understand what to expect when you decide to apply to 边境上大学.

因为ManBet手机客户端视每个学生为个体, the admission process can vary depending on the needs of the student and his or her family. 然而,基本流程如下(右图):
It’s not often you find a community of easygoing people whose sense of family is as strong as at Stanstead. 跨时代的, 性别, 宗教和其他我们可能有的分歧, what makes Stanstead so special is its ability to bring everyone together.
——Andrew Bouchard, 2021岁,就读于哈佛大学生命科学专业 皇后大学


  • 1. ManBet手机客户端

    联系 招生团队的一员. If possible, visit the school during a Campus Visit Day or by appointment.
  • 2. 完成申请

    你可以找到 link 在我们网站的任何地方. 申请书应包括:
    • 申请费100加元;
    • 申请人近照一张;
    • 申请人的出生证明副本, family registry or certificate of family relations (英语 translation required w在这里 applicable);
    • 申请人主要负责人的推荐信(英语/法国),老师(英语/法国)及个人参考资料(英语/法国);
    • a statement of interest from the applicant written in 英语 providing some insight into the applicant’s current interests as well as what he or she would like to get out of attending 边境上大学;
    • copy of applicant’s most recent school report as well as preceding year’s final report;
    • 托福考试, 托福考试初级, IELTS or Duolingo test score for all applicants whose first language is not 英语 (see “英语水平建议”).

  • 3. 写入学考试

    The admissions test to is administered at the school during the campus visit or online. SSAT成绩(如有), 如果是学生最近写的, 可以代替入学考试提交吗. 更多信息请ManBet手机客户端.
  • 4. 参加面试

    这可以是亲自或在线与我们的招生团队的成员. Tell us why 边境上大学 will be a better place by accepting you.
  • 5. 验收!

    Applications are received and accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. 然而,重要的是要注意,地方是有限的. Priority will be given to applications submitted before the end of March.

    All non-Canadian students must obtain a Certificate of 验收 from Quebec (CAQ) and a Canadian Study Permit to study at 边境上大学 in Canada. 更多信息 在这里.


ManBet手机客户端没有种族歧视, 宗教, 性别, 性取向或民族出身在其教育计划, 入学及聘用惯例, 或者任何学校活动.